New Venues and Live Music

Darby O. Bell - Live


Are you a new venue? Have you considered booking music for your space, but just haven't taken the plunge?

One thing I’ve found in my experiences with booking new venues (especially new breweries, wineries, local pubs, or restaurants) is that most of these places are new enough to either A. not have thought to bring in live entertainment or B. not have found an artist that they trust enough to take a chance on. Bringing in a musician can be scary, especially when you have to trust them to take care and be mindful of your customers and the atmosphere of your space! 

One of my specialities is doing just that. Whether your venue is a small winery or you’ve got more of a rowdy bar crowd, my job - before I even strum a chord - is to take it all in and assess the people, the mood, and the atmosphere your venue is trying to create.

When it comes to style, I specialize in anything from upbeat country to causal, classy dinner music. Although most live entertainers we know need things such as stages or an open enough space to set up, my equipment consists of one JBL speaker that I’m able to consistently tweak throughout the selected amount of time to best fit the room.

Still not sure if you're ready for live music? If your venue wants to do a trial round, I’m your lady. I’ve performed anywhere from a large stage with larger audiences to being tucked in a tiny corner performing to a smaller bar scene - no need to worry about not having enough space!

I’d love to answer any questions and am happy to talk to owners or managers about requests, restrictions, or the way I can best bring music to your venue.  Looking forward to working with you!