Darby O. Bell


away it falls 

album releasing may 2018 


simply breathe.  wander. wonder.  spread hope. love.  it's all good. 

simply breathe.

wander. wonder.

spread hope. love.

it's all good. 


My prayer is that my music will be a catalyst of hope to the hurting and a shout to all the wanders of today that it's okay, it's safe and it's time to come back home. 

I have a passion for healing hearts that are broken by anxiety and lies.

My passion is my heart's desire to reach a population that crosses all ages that have been afflicted with anxiety, hurt, mental illness, depression etc. I've seen it, experienced it & felt it. I've taught and performed all over the world in multiple countries such as Germany, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Japan {Toyko & the mountains of Tohoku}, Scotland, Ireland, England, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Africa and all over the United States including Alaska with an outreach group from the age of 18-23 keeping music alive and instilling confidence in schools, communities, prisons, military bases, teacher workshops and special needs homes. Shortly after my leave from the group I found myself dropped in northern Michigan on a farm writing, creating and performing original music in places where only the kindness of people and God's grace could catch me. 

My world tours proved time and time again a population of people aching for something 'a little more real than they've been given' in life.

I have met fierce mothers, humble leaders, breathtaking hearts of gold in prisons and children who have taught me more about how to love and live life to it's fullest than any teacher of mine in life thus far. If I can give a fraction of what I've been given through this music, then I've done my job. 

w a n d e r to f i g u r e it o u t. 









A m e r i c a n  S o u l

 Home: Northern Michigan

   ALBUM  r e l e a s e  M a y  2 0 1 8

Words to heal. 

   T r a v e l to figure it out. 

   Kindness. Always.    

   Believe in the g o o d n e s s of people. 

   Be anxious about nothing. 

   Give yourself grace. 

    Respect those who came before you. 

   T r u t h . 

   Courage, for all that life demands. 

   &  p a s s i o n .

        because why would we want to live life any other way ?


     I N S P I R E & I M P L O R E .












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